Data Protection


The protection of your personal data has top priority for TYSKA MINIRENINGSVERK AB. This principle applies for both our range of services on offer in the Internet and also for our other services.

TYSKA MINIRENINGSVERK AB wishes to inform you how TYSKA MINIRENINGSVERK AB implements data protection regulations in the range of services on offer in the Internet.

1. Data protection

Fundamentally, the majority of the products and services on offer on the web pages are planned for anonymous use. With your access to the TYSKA MINIRENINGSVERK AB web pages no person-related indications of your use are generated, rather only anonymous data are saved. Anonymous data are data via which no inference to your person can take place. The evaluation of anonymous data serves, for example, for the analysis of consumer usage habits by TYSKA MINIRENINGSVERK AB, in order to design the product/service on offer more user-friendly in their own interest as well as adjusting to the wishes and requirements of the users (e.g. number of page hits, usage statistics etc.). Individual data are items of information, which make the identification of a person possible. To these belong, in particular, name, date of birth, address and telephone number. So far as you enter personal data within this website, these are used only within the framework of the consent given by you, and then only for the purpose given on the respective page (e. g. ordering of documents, making contact etc.). You have at all times the possibility of withdrawing the consent given. TYSKA MINIRENINGSVERK AB passes on no individual-related data whatsoever based on this website. Individual-related data, which has to be collected for the supply of services, are deleted immediately following the services being supplied. However, TYSKA MINIRENINGSVERK AB collects and saves individual-related data with the implementation of orders. This, however, takes place outside this internet offer. If you call-up pages and files within this offer and, with this, are required to enter individual data, then with this TYSKA MINIRENINGSVERK AB requests that note is that data transfer via the Internet is carried out unsecured and thus the data can be taken note of or even falsified by unauthorised persons.

2. Handling of E-mail addresses

If you send TYSKA MINIRENINGSVERK AB an E-mail, TYSKA MINIRENINGSVERK AB uses your address for correspondence with you only; naturally there is no passing of this to third parties.

3. Possibility of disclosure

In the event TYSKA MINIRENINGSVERK AB has saved data about your person, you can obtain on request information at no cost about the data saved about your person. Please inform us if we have saved incorrect data in order that we can amend, block or delete these. With information on or questions about data protection please refer to, telephone number +0046703477711.

4. Cookies

Cookies are small amounts of data which are saved by the operator of a website. Data is saved in cookies for the implementation of some functions of the TYSKA MINIRENINGSVERKAB website. Temporary cookies are automatically deleted on closing the browser. They contain solely an identification number (Session ID), which allows the server to assign the successive inquiries of the browser to the same user. Temporary cookies are used by many servers; they represent no risk to safety. The permanent cookies, which can also be read by other servers, behave differently. Our website, in the public domain, uses exclusively temporary cookies. As far as you work in a non-public domain of the website, permanent cookies are also applied in order to make the work easier for you. With this, however, no individual data whatsoever are saved and evaluated. With cookies you have the choice, whether you wish to allow these. Modifications for this can be undertaken in your browser settings. By modifying your browser settings you have the choice of accepting all cookies, to be informed with the setting of a cookie or to reject all cookies. If you decide not to accept the cookies, it can be possible that the functionality of the internet page is reduced and some services cannot be accessed.

5. Encoding of data during transmission

Information, which is transmitted into the Internet are normally encoded. Because the path of the data between server and the local PC can never be foreseen, information can basically be seen in many locations.

6. Statistical analysis with PIWIK

This website uses PIWIK, an open source software package for the statistical analysis of hits received by this website. PIWIK uses cookies that are stored on your computer and permit analysis of your use of the website. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website is stored on the provider's server in Germany. The IP address is immediately anonymised after processing and before storage. You can adjust the settings of your browser software to prevent the installation of cookies; however, we would like to point out that you may then not be able to use all the functions of this website.